I Love My HBCU Fundraiser Campaign

We invite you to participate in HCF’s “I Love My HBCU” Fundraiser Campaign. The campaign kicks off Tuesday, March 21, 2023, to Thursday, April 20, 2023. Sampled by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and Prairie View A&M University, I Love My Month was created to encourage alumni and friends of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to demonstrate their affinity. HCF initiated its campaign in March each year, which will identify alumni willing to speak on their HBCU experience, and why they love their HBCU and encourage others to donate to their HBCU or the HBCU Campaign Fund during the campaign months.

“We are happy to bring back our I Love My HBCU” Fundraiser Campaign in setting the goal to generate $15,000 during the month timespan to support HBCUs, higher education, and the HBCU Campaign Fund to help expand opportunities for students, said Demetrius Johnson, Jr., Founder, President & CEO of the HBCU Campaign Fund. “We are asking all HBCU alumni and supporters to make a minimum gift of $20 or more; it will put us on the path to surpassing our set goal and assist students and HBCUs. HCF will spotlight those who donate on our website, email newsletters, and social media platforms in appreciation of their contribution, but also help encourage others to participate.”

Individuals participating in this campaign will be highlighted on HCF’s website, email newsletter, and social media platforms, asking to speak on their HBCU experience and why they love their HBCU and encouraging others to donate. You can post “Why You Love Your HBCU” on social media using the hashtag #HCFILoveMyHBCU. If you have contributed to your HBCU between March 20 and June 20, you can submit your contribution receipt in PDF or JPEG format as proof of your donation to be included in our campaign and highlighted on our platforms. Submissions must be emailed to support@hbcucampaignfund.org.

Proceeds will benefit scholarships, initiative programming, HBCUs, MSIs, and the Division of College Relations and Scholarships during the Annual HBCU Football and Recruitment Tour.

If you are interested in participating in the fundraiser campaign can visit http://bit.ly/DonateToHBCUCampaignFund and select the “I Love My HBCU” Fundraiser Campaign to submit a donation. For additional questions or concerns, contact HCF at (773) 988-2106 or at support@hbcucampaignfund.org.


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